10 Things That You’ve Never Done in a Hotel

I was recently on a trip to the Dominican Republic, incidentally and absolutely beautiful part of the World, if you ever get the chance to go then I implore you to, anyway, I was speaking to one of the hotel staff about that slighter naughtier things that people do in hotels. The woman I was speaking had worked at many of the hotels in Punta Cana and told us some incredibly stories. It got me thinking of the things that people always wanted to do in a hotel, but like me, never had the guts to actually do so here are my top 10 things that you’ve never done in a hotel, that you always wanted to.

Steal Towels

There is always that temptation to steal those lovely, warm, fluffy white towels that you’re provided with and you might even plan it, but never go through with it. After all, who will you explain the hotel markings on the towels to all of your friends back home.

Skinny Dipped After Hours

A bucket list item for many people is the idea of stripping down to just ‘what your mother gave you’ and head for a late night swim in the pool. For most, the fear of getting caught is simply too much to risk, despite the thrill.

Complain for Free Stuff

Something that happens very frequently is people creating stories about their room, the service they’ve received or the food in the restaurant in order to gain something free. As much as I’ve been tempted to do this though the years, I simply can’t bring myself to be horrible to a member of staff for my own gain.

Ask for an Upgrade

Again, this is something that is done in hotels frequently and I know that there is nothing specifically ‘wrong’ with offering a little extra money to gain an upgrade, but I just never do it. I don’t really like rejection so maybe it is simply a fear of being told no.

Stay in the Room After Hours

We’ve all been there, need to check-out at 12pm but flight doesn’t leave until 9pm, how long can you get away with staying in the room until you’re kicked out and charged extra. For me, it is the extra charge that I always want to avoid and why I generally check-out with prompt punctuality, I have many friends though, who ignore this rule entirely.

Grab the Toiletries

Much like the towels, there is something about being in a hotel that simply tempts you to steal stuff, even though you begin to convince yourself that a few shampoos are ok to squirrel away in your bag, I simply can’t bring myself to do it.

Use the Minibar and Refill

The minibar is always a tempting place where you think you could gain something, simply drink down one of those overpriced bottles of gin, fill it up with water and place the bottle at the back, they’ll never know right? Probably not, especially if it’s your last night, but it isn’t worth the risk for me.

Use a Bellboy for Next to Nothing

The idea of someone carrying your stuff for you can really make you feel VIP, I have however walked in to hotels with just a bit of hand luggage and been genuinely tempted to let the bellboy carry it for me. I’ve never done this, although it doesn’t stop the temptation.

Public Sex

Holidays and hotels really get the juices flowing for some people and I know many friends who have indulged in some naughtiness in places like the hotel elevator. The risk of being kicked out of the hotel or being charged some kind of shame fee is simply to much for me to take.


“Is that a smoking censor or an intruder alarm?” For the smokers among you who are staying up on the 212th floor, lighting up can be tempting, and you probably don’t think you’ll get caught. But you could, and why take the risk of costing yourself money all for the sake of that extra cigarette.