For many people, the act of driving in and of itself can be cause for a
panic attack. But add to the situation being in an unfamiliar area or
driving an unfamiliar vehicle and you could find yourself pulled over to
the side of the road out of sheer frustration and confusion. This can be a
big obstacle to overcome for some travelers. So to have confidence while
driving during your travels, here are three tips for driving in an
unfamiliar place.

Know The Rules of the Road

The first thing you’re going to want to do in preparation for driving in a
new place is to know what the rules of the road are. Roseanna Leaton, a
contributor to SelfGrowth.com, shares that many different states and
countries have vastly different rules of the road. From what different
signs mean to how speed limits work and even which side of the road you
should be on, simply

knowing how roadways function

will go a long way toward helping you become more comfortable behind the

In addition to checking the rules and regulations for the country you’ll be
in, do some research about the specific area you’ll be traveling through to
ensure you get all the information you need to prepare for safe travels.

Familiarize Yourself With A Map of The Area

While many cars and phones today have GPS and other navigation functions,
it’s still helpful to have a picture of the area before you set off on your
journey. For this reason, OvercomeFearOfDriving.org recommends checking out
a map of the area prior to hitting the streets. By going over the route you
plan to take but also familiarizing yourself with the vicinity in general,
you’ll get a better feeling for where you need to be and where you are in
relation to other streets or landmarks.

This can be a big help for making you feel comfortable, especially if you
get turned around or lost for a short time. Always

keep a map with streets on you

so you have something to refer back to if you need it.

Rent A Familiar Car

Not only can driving in a different place be scary, but having to deal with
a car that you’re not familiar with can add another layer of stress onto
your already stressful situation. Because you want your travels to be as
stress-free as possible, Geico recommends

renting a car

that’s similar to the one you normally drive.

This means that if you normally

drive a Lincoln MKZ

, you should rent a car that’s the same or similar to this type of vehicle.
By doing this, you eliminate the need to relearn how the car functions and
can focus solely on getting to your destination. You’ll already know where
the windshield wipers are, how much room you need to maneuver, and how to
fill the tank with gas if you choose a rental car that you have already had
experience with.

If you have a trip planned where you’re going to be driving in unfamiliar
places, use the tips mentioned above to ensure you do so safely.