Going on a vacation is an exciting experience for the whole family. It is an opportunity to kick back and enjoy some quality time together while simultaneously taking a break from your responsibilities back at home.

While improvisation and spontaneity can be exciting, when traveling as a family it is best to plan your trip.

Therefore, when planning a trip make it a priority to make sure that you have accommodation settled before you leave.

Here are some ideas for some places you might like to stay.


Staying in a hotel is a tried and true way to stay on vacation. Knowing that you have property management on site at all times is extremely convenient when you need to ask a question or request services.

Hotels are often a great way to relax since if you don’t want to leave you don’t have to. From the pool to a restaurant and bar, to on-site activities, it’s extremely convenient having everything on hand when you need it.


Airbnb is an extremely cost effective and original way to be able to stay at a beautiful home in an ideal location.

Airbnb has become so popular that it has become its own verb with people saying things like “We can Airbnb this trip!”

Airbnb is a website which offers tenants to “rent” their home for a period of time through an agreement. After being approved by the tenant, the person wishing to rent the Airbnb pays a safety deposit and reserves the space during the agreed amount of time.

When looking for an Airbnb, always make sure to familiarize yourself with the house features, guest rules and policies. If not read carefully, you may end up in a shared housing situation, find that you can’t invite guests, or that you are in an inconvenient area.


You may find depending on your location that camping is the best and most economical place to stay. If you are staying in a beach location, it may be possible to find a cabin to rent. Otherwise, pitching a tent or staying in a camper is a fun and family-friendly way to bond.

Camping is a great way to reconnect with nature and disconnect from the modern world. Throw your iPads and iPhones into a drawer and make a fire instead. Tell scary stories and roast marshmallows.


A hostel is not usually the best choice for families because it is less convenient, but it is not impossible. Since it is a shared living situation you may find that private accommodations appeal more to you.

However, the low price is appealing and you can meet some wonderful people in hostels.