5 Coffee Shops Across The Globe You Have To Visit

An enchanting cup of coffee will unquestionably help you to enhance your work ethic. According to some, coffee is a skill. It has endless health benefits too. Coffee reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes, is a decent source of antioxidants, great for the liver. And amongst other health benefits, coffee has been known to enhance ones intelligence. There is nothing nicer than catching up with somebody that you care about over a beautifully prepared cuppa or brew. Sometimes finding a place that is the perfect combination of fresh beans, sugar sachets and milk or cream can be difficult. So, here is a list of some of the most amazing coffee shops across the globe.

Café Craft in Paris.

Café Craft is extremely popular, to say the least. Here you can gain a truly perfect coffee experience. Café Craft is generally always packed, regardless of the hour, but if you can manage to grab a spot it is more than worth it. They use a Marzocco coffee machine (the Bentley of coffee machines).  Aside from their amazing coffee, they also offer a basic food menu and Dammann Frères tea!

The Coffee Academics in Hong Kong.

The Coffee Academics offer lattes, which have been sweetened with natural, organic nectar and a subtle spice provided by a dash of ground black pepper. With seasonal green coffees and further beverages offering a fabulous nuance of flavours. They also serve food. High- quality, superior ingredients carefully thrown together with culinary expertise! They are that advanced that they actually provide lessons on coffee making!

Dreamy Camera Cafe in Yangpyeong, South Korea.

This is one of the most bizarrely designed coffee shops that I have ever come across. The building itself is what seems to be a gigantic camera with a few steps, a single door and a couple of windows. The architecture and surrounding landscape of the Dreamy Camera Café is enough to make you visit this masterpiece, but – the coffee is supposed to be incredible! Recommended is the iced Americano!

Café Grumpy in New York City.

Small, cute and hidden. This is an idyllic location for a quick coffee break in your day. Their fresh coffee beans are carefully roasted in Forte Green. Café Grumpy is a tremendous place to collect your thoughts and enjoy a charming coffee and perhaps a side plate of their scrumptious macaroons.

Screaming Beans in Amsterdam.

Last but certainly not least, Screaming Beans. Screaming Beans is great for a coffee break whilst shopping away at the nine streets. Not only can you get some incredible coffee from here, but for a fixed price you can get up to five dishes to taste and a selection of coffee (of course) and some impeccable wine! Lunch or coffee can be cheap but if you are visiting for a full meal or dinner (with wine) you are looking at paying reasonably more.