7 Budget-Friendly Travel Tips

Traveling is not made just for the wealthy. Anyone can travel on a meager budget if they know the right tips and tricks for doing so. Even if you have to sacrifice some of the luxuries, it certainly beats racking up debts that will get you in trouble later on. At the end of your trip, you want to savor the memories and flip carelessly through photo albums rather than working on debt consolidation to manage your finances.

Avoid extra debt while traveling. Here are some of the most useful budget-friendly travel tips.

1. Stay Somewhere with a Kitchen

Purchasing food is one of the most expensive costs when traveling, especially if you have your entire family with you. You can drop $10-$15 per person per meal if you aren’t careful. That’s why staying in a place with a kitchen will be so helpful. Even if it costs a little more than a room without, purchasing groceries and cooking rather than going out every day will make your budget happy.

2. Try Shared Living Accommodations

The hotel is another huge expense while traveling, but there are a number of much more affordable options through shared accommodation services. Rather than staying in a hotel, look into sites like Airbnb that let you stay in an extra bedroom or even an entire apartment for a fraction of the cost of a hotel room.

3. Find Free Entertainment

Every touristy place has free attractions and entertainment if you’re willing to do a little digging. You can take a walking tour in favor of a bus tour, for example, for free in most places. There are also public attractions, monuments, architecture, bazaars, bodies of water, and so much more than you can visit without paying a dime.

4. Travel in the Off-Season

Prices for airfare, accommodations, and activities are slashed during the off season of your vacation. Off-seasons are typically considered those during the school year (September through May), not including holidays. Especially avoid travel during Christmas and Thanksgiving, as these are some of the most expensive and busiest travel times of the year.

5. Follow Coupons

Subscribe to coupon websites like Groupon and Coupons.com for alerts on great deals. It’s hard to find coupons on things like air travel, but you can save on hotels, food, and activities in a specified destination.

6. Purchase a Guidebook

You could pay $300 for a tour of the city, or pay $20 for a guidebook that will point out the best features of a destination and places to visit without the cost of a tour guide. You’ll also save on certain excursions that you can do yourself rather than being guided through.

7. Don’t Rent a Car

If you’re staying in a city, there’s no need for a rental car. You can take public transportation pretty much anywhere for a few dollars a day. If there’s a longer journey planned on your trip, consider taking an Uber or Lyft ride instead of a taxi. There’s no need to overpay on services that come affordably through other means.