Appreciating Details At Your Destination Luxury Hotels

Some of the cool things to appreciate when you head out traveling to a vacation spot are the details that come with staying at a luxury hotel. In fact, when you think about it, the biggest difference between a standard experience and a luxury one, is how much focus is on those details that you may be paying attention to!

Consider, for examples, things at your hotel like stonework, bathrooms, towels and robes, how much noise you have to deal with, and the all-important climate control. If those items are all spot-on, then you can be assured that you're living the luxury experience.


Aesthetics play a huge part in feeling like you're in a luxury environment, and some of the best places to stay at are going to have beautiful stonework. Stone, by itself, gives off the vibe of strength, and class, and when worked by a master craftsman or designer, can really be the center of attention at a luxury place. Imagine the stonework at a place like a luxury hotel in Miami or New York, and you'll start to get the picture of how, as a construction element, it can elevate your sense of psychic serenity of vacation.


Another staple of a luxury experience in absorbing the essence of the luxury bathroom. Endless hot water, multiple shower heads, an attached sauna, maybe even a whirlpool function – the more of these things you have access to, the more spoiled that you feel during your time to relax. Though that kind of luxury might be unsustainable in a home environment, when you're out traveling on vacation, it certainly does give you that shot of satisfaction.

Towels and Robes

Another classic detail that the best luxury hotels get right is the quality of towels and robes that they give you. How many magazines have touted the amazing benefits of the complimentary "Turkish bathrobe"? And how many movies have showed the main characters stealing them from their hotel rooms because they refuse to leave them behind!

The Noise Factor

Another detail that can either be the best thing about your vacation or the worst, is how bad the noise is in your hotel room. With solid soundproofing, you can escape inside luxury and totally suspend reality. If that detail hasn't been handled, you'll hear everything from noisy neighbors, to downstairs televisions blaring, to traffic outside. If you want to get away from it all, silence is a necessity.

Climate Control

And finally, the best hotels are going to be the ones where you have ultimate control over the climate. Furnaces, air conditioners, fireplaces, humidifiers, dehumidifiers – you want total control over how you feel, no matter what the outside conditions are. With all of these details handled from an experiential perspective, you'll be in the lap of luxury wherever you are in the world.