How to Use (and Not Use) Your Phone on Vacation

The purpose of a vacation is to rest your mind, take a break from stress,
and put some space between yourself and your job. That can be impossible to
do when your phone keeps you tethered to the office, and solving that
problem is tougher than it seems at first. You can’t just turn off your
phone when you need it to act as your travel alarm, GPS navigation system,
guidebook, and reference library. Here are some tips on using your phone
without ruining your vacation.

Be Conscious About Social Media

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by jpto_55

Are you looking forward to sharing photos on Facebook or Instagram, or can
you wait until you get home to do that? If the goal of your trip is to
spend time with your partner or your family, or to unplug and recharge your
batteries, you might want to delete all your social media apps until you
get home —

it’s easy to reinstall them

. If you’re traveling alone and want to feel connected to people back home,
then keep the apps and enjoy them. Your friends back at home will love the
high-quality photos you take with your iPhone SE! Always keep in mind that
the important thing is to take charge of how social media will impact your
trip rather than let it control you.

Turn off Your Email

Unless you’re taking a working vacation, you might want to completely
eliminate email from your vacation. Let your family and your work team know
that they’ll need to text you in an emergency, and go into your settings
and accounts to turn off alerts for your work-related email address. If
your inbox contains any flight information or hotel reservations, take
screenshots of them so you won’t need to log in to get details.

Turn off Notifications

If you decide to keep all your apps, you can turn off notifications for
most of the trip. Most devices have a one-button system for toggling the
phone into night mode, so you can easily tune back in and check messages as
often as you like without letting the phone interrupt your vacation days.

Load up on Travel Apps

To get the most out of your phone, load it with

free apps that will serve you well during your travels

. Apps like Rome2Rio or Google Maps can help you figure out public
transportation, ferries, and buses all over the world. With Google
Translate, you can snap a photo of a sign in any major language and
instantly translate it into English. TripAdvisor and Yelp will help you
seek out the closest restaurants and find the best spas, museums, and
adventures on your trip.

Check Your Plan and Phone

You might not intend to call home during your trip, but if an emergency
arises back home, you’ll want to be accessible, and the costs for that can
vary widely depending on your phone and provider.

If you’re using a T-Mobile iPhone SE

with an unlimited data plan, for instance, you’ll be able to switch back
and forth between Wi-Fi and data calling depending on what’s available to
you without missing a beat or incurring extra charges. If your phone or
plan are more limited, make sure you know what those limitations are and
how to work around them in an emergency.

Set Up a Vacation Email

In extreme cases, you might want to create a special email account just for
vacation mode. Use that email to store all your reservations and itinerary
details, and let your family know that they can reach you at this email
address in an emergency. Use your vacation email address to log into your
travel apps, too. If you download the TripIt app and connect it to your
vacation email, the app will automatically scan your inbox for travel plans
and compile them into an easy-to-follow itinerary that you can share with
your travel companions and anyone back home who might want to keep track of

We all love to feel needed and busy, but vacation should let you step away
from that routine. Habits are hard to break, so using technology to
insulate yourself from the demands of your life back home as much as
possible is the best way to truly enjoy your vacation.