Travelling will always be quite a laborious task especially when you are so
excited to get to your chosen destination. There is nothing worse than
being stuck on a long haul flight, and not being prepared. If the
excitement of the incredible holiday that awaits you isn’t enough then
hopefully this handy guide will be of use to you.

Go Digital

Generally speaking, most long haul flights will provide you with their own
in-flight entertainment, either from TV screens above the seats or you own
personal screen in the back of the seat in front of you. F not then you can
download a few films on your laptop or tablet to watch. After watching
films you could always play a range of games from

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to Candy Crush. If there is no in-flight entertainment then as well as
playing games, you could always download one of your favourite TV shows and
watch that as well.

Reading Material

Always take a book with you when you are travelling, as getting stuck into

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can make time go a lot faster. If you don’t necessarily want to carry heavy
books with you in your luggage, then invest in an e-reader or tablet. That
way you can load up on a selection of books, which will be useful if you
are a fast reader. If books don’t interest you that much, then stock up on
a few magazines. You might find reading a book a bit to taxing when you are
tired from traveling, so a magazine is the perfect solution.

Get Creative

On some long haul flights there will be no Wi-Fi offered, if that is the
case then make the most of it and get creative. You could even write a
diary or a blog post about your journey so far. If your journey hasn’t been
that entertaining then why not get really imaginative and write a short
story. Drawing can also be a relaxing and fun pastime, so why not invest in
an adult colouring book, and have some fun.

Count Sheep

If you can try and get some sleep, if it isn’t going to cause jet leg.
Sleeping is a great way to pass the time, but only if it will work in your
favour once you get to your destination. Take a walk around, not only will
this kill some time but it is important to stretch your legs even if the
airline has limited space.

Look After Yourself

Long flights and recycled plane air can be very dehydrating to your skin,
as well as making you look more tired than you actually are. If you pack
your facial routine in your hand luggage that contains a face cloth,
moisturizer, deodorant, toothbrush and toothpaste you will be able to
freshen up. That way when you reach your destination you will feel
refreshed and ready as soon as you step off the plane.