Top Tips To Saving For Your Next Big Vacation

Taking the vacation the family has always dreamed of taking may cost far more than what the household budget can handle, but that does not mean it is entirely out of reach.  With a little patience and a whole bunch of determination, the family could be sitting on the coast of Fiji by the end of next year.  


Several creative saving methods could help to send the family on the dream vacation they never thought they would experience.  Take a moment to look over a few of the creative ways we have gathered to take one step closer to the best vacation ever!


Open up a dedicated vacation savings account


Opening up a dedicated vacation account has more than one benefit.  Many banks regularly offer cash benefits for the creation of new accounts.  Chase is currently offering Penny Hoarder readers a $350 bonus for opening a new account.  


It pays to shop around and find out what local banks are offering.  Choose an account type that draws interest, and make money on saving money.  Also, it may be safer to choose an online bank, as most people are more likely to withdraw the money when it comes from a local bank.


Build up a solid line of credit


It may be beneficial to build or repair any past credit mishaps.  With a higher credit rating, more agencies will be willing to work out payment plans or offer a larger line of credit.  It is safer to travel long distances with an active line of credit in tow.  One can never tell when an emergency may strike.  


Pick up a simple side job for some quick cash


Technology has granted the traveling soul the gift of a quick buck.  Creations like Uber, Lyft, and Field Agent offer users the chance to make quite a bit of money in a short period of time.  


If that dream vacation is really a top priority, these online opportunities are absolutely worth researching.  It may be surprising just how easy these apps make it to earn extra money.  


Cut back on the monthly food budget


Most of us could stand to eat a little less during the week.  Even if cutting food intake is not an option, it would save money to switch to a less expensive brand of what the family normally eats or drinks.  Instead of Eggo waffles, try eating the store brand for a few months.  


Sell stuff that has served its use

It is not typically hard to find things around the house that the family no longer uses.  Electronic devices are a dime a dozen these days.  It can also be quite lucrative to sell arts and crafts through a platform such as Etsy.