Travel Considerations For the Hunting Enthusiast

There are a few special considerations that hunting enthusiasts have to be aware of when it comes to traveling. Because hunting may involve things like firearms, bows, knives, or even survival equipment, you have to be particularly careful with those items with respect to carrying them as luggage, or even carrying them across territorial lines (countries or states, for example).

So, if you’re a hunter of some sort and you plan on taking your show on the road, be sure that you know legal and practical considerations for your guns, your luggage on airlines, state differences with respect to licenses, weather condition changes, and what it might mean if you’re traveling between countries.

Firearm Purchase Laws

If you are planning on going hunting somewhere new after purchasing a firearm, there are laws that you should pay attention to prior to actually handing your money over to the vendor. Some people purchase guns in person, others do it via gun shows, others will purchase them online, and others will go to shops. The important thing is that there are slight variations in laws with respect to any of these, so be sure to get your thing arranged as far in advance as possible.

Checking Your Bags

If you’re heading on an airplane with weapons checked for your hunting expedition, there are even more regulations that you have to follow in terms of locking your luggage, making sure no ammunition is loaded, and a number of other safety factors. The last thing you want is for your weapons to get confiscated, or you might even get arrested, for not knowing the legal implications of carrying weapons in certain restricted areas.

State Differences In Legality

Look up hunting laws in different states before you go anywhere. There are even different restrictions and licenses in different counties within states, so it’s up to you to know what the rules are where you’re coming from, where you’re headed through, and what you ultimate location is. As an educated hunter, you need to know every step in the traveling process. 

Prepping for the Weather

Another thing to pay attention to as a traveling hunter is what changes there are going to be is the weather. Not all hunting gear is created equal, and if you’re going from Florida to Alaska, you’d better be prepared with all of the right gear, or be prepared to spend some cash to get up to speed at your final location.

Traveling Between Countries

And if you think that traveling between counties or states can be an issue with hunting gear, traveling between countries can be even more specific. Because laws change during flights, at airport checkpoints, and when you get into a national structure, the last thing you want is another safari-style incident where you kill a lion in what you think is a legal manner and then get hamstrung by legal issues for the rest of your life.