When it comes to vacations you naturally want to be prepared for all, there
is however a fine balance that you need to make between taking all of your
luxuries, and ensuring that you bag is sensibly filled according to any
weight restrictions your airline has. Holiday packing can be tough but it
is important to consider the things that you are actually going to need
rather than thinking that you need to take your whole closet with you. When
it comes to items that you simply shouldn’t take on holiday, here are our
top 5 things that you need to leave at home.

Favorite Foods

Taking a few


or a sachet or two of your favorite coffee isn’t a crime but anymore than
that is just borderline crazy. OK, the country that you’re heading too may
not have your favorite chocolate bar or bag of chips but you need to
remember that going on holiday is all about the experience, it’s about
trying new things and immersing yourself in a new culture, we’re sure you
can do without those home comforts for a week or two.


When it comes to taking towels away with you, it can present quite a
dilemma, all hotels will provide you with towels for drying up after your
shower but the real problem comes when you need to think about beach
towels. We recently stayed at one of the beautiful

Punta Cana resorts

in the Dominican who provided beach towels for us but that is a rarity.
Getting sand on the hotel towels may be something you want to avoid but
usually you can pick up cheap beach towels at your location or even take a
microfiber towel along with you to keep plenty of space in your luggage.

The Library

When it comes to holiday reading you really don’t need to take any more
than one book with you, once finished you can easily swap with another
holiday-maker or most hotels have a place where people have left their
books from past vacations. Taking any more than one book is just giving you
extra weight to lug around that you simply don’t need.


You need to think smart when it comes to toiletries that you will be taking
away, a 500ml bottle of shampoo, conditioner or shower gel simply isn’t
necessary for a one or two week trip abroad. The best idea when it comes to
toiletries is to decant them into smaller sized bottles, this way you won’t
need to fill up your bath bag with cumbersome bottles and you will have
less weight on the journey home.

Smart Shirts

Unless you are heading to a 5 star hotel with ironing services, taking a
smart shirt away simply isn’t worth the hassle, it is near impossible to
keep it looking pristine and straight. Consider instead taking a part polo
shirt or even a shirt that has that crippled design that you can roll up
neatly in your suitcase without worrying about getting it creased.