Why you should explore all of Europe’s rich history

The history of Europe is colourful beyond expression. There has been as
much tragedy as there has been victory and studying European history is
incredibly intriguing. But, there is a big difference between reading about
history in a book and seeing the evidence yourself. Have you ever walked
across epic battle sites, looked out the same window as a medieval queen
and tasted delicacies that are hundreds of years old? Europe’s history
deserves to be explored and uncovered. So, when wanderlust next strikes,
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The Castles of Europe

England alone has over six hundred castles and in Europe there are
thousands more. Some are still standing while others have been rebuilt or
reduced to ruins, but all of them have interesting history to discover.
Some are haunted, like the Edinburgh castle in Scotland; some were built to
be impressive fortresses, like the Kronberg Castle in Denmark; and some
look like they came straight from a fairy tale, like the Neuschwanstein
Castle in Bavaria. Almost anywhere you go in Europe, you can find
fascinating castles with impressive histories, filled with knights, wars,
royals and wives’ tales.

Historic Festivals, Celebrations and Traditions

There are many great festivals and celebrations that take place around
Europe to celebrate their history. Some of these festivals date back
hundreds of years and have fascinating origins, like the Carnival of Venice
that dates back as far as 1162AD and has an interesting history of being
banned by the king in the 18th century. There are also many
young festivals and celebrations that express the interesting recent
history of Europe, like the Cascamorras festival in Spain that honours a
500 year old feud between the two small cities of Baza and Guadix, which
all started with a stolen statue of the Virgin Mary. If you want to have a
good time and learn some lesser known European history, then explore the

The Scary Side of Europe

The crypts, catacombs, torture museums, war museums and haunted sites are
all fascinating to learn about and explore. Though they might be a little
less cheery than some other European attractions, these stories all played
important parts in history and tell us in a whole new way what made people
tick back then. Visit the unsettling catacombs underneath Paris, filled
with centuries’ worth of Parisian bones. Or, you can go to Belgium and
discover the tragedy of WWI and visit the striking Tyne Cot cemetery in
Ypres. There is a lot about European history that needs to be seen to be
believed and to visit these historic sites yourself is a life changing

Traditional Food

There is a lot of history to be found in European food. Many traditional
dishes around Europe have a very prominent place in history. These foods
have been made and eaten for, in some cases, hundreds of years with the
recipes hardly changing. As the situations of these countries changed,
their national dishes changed as well and you can see in these traditional
foods how much the country has changed since.